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On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
>> Oh, my! With a shock I've just realized that I am, too, become a kind
>> of "web developer" nowadays! Worse! I do blog sometimes. And I'm a bit
>> noisy too...

> I believe it is customary when mentioning your blog to also provide a link
> to said blog,
> perhaps this is why we never hear anything ;) come on dont be shy

Note that I did not tried to show off. I merely noted that it
surprised me that I suddenly realized that I somehow become a
web-developer with a blog. :-)
That was almost as surprising as when few years ago I've found that I,
at least formally, do fit for classic "programmer with a beard" type.

But, well, since you've asked:

My blog is mostly on Russian, so I'll give links to in parallel (in case someone would find anything
useful — which I doubt).

I also wrote a couple of articles on Lua at Russian IT site (they also count as blog posts):

I feel a certain lack of materials on Lua in Russian, so I try to fill
it as I can. Mostly because it helps to teach other programmers to
work with my code. Also I, sometimes, like to write :-)


thank you for the link

you can count one more english subscriber now, thank god for google translate ^^

Best regards,
Alex Combas