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> 6. Lua arrays start at 1 ? clearly that language is an abomination!
> 7. Lua data types and API to handle them are utterly inconsistent.
> And so on.
> My "someone is wrong in the Internet" syndrome kicks in when I read
> that. So I dont.

There is indeed much bullshit on the www. I think everone develops
their own strategies for sieving needles out of haystacks. Some of mine,
which are merely indicators of personal failings, are:

# Reject anything abusive, rude, intemperate or inconsiderate.
# Reject anything that presumes a false or conniving informality.
# Reject anything that is trying to sell something, under the
pretence of help.
# Reject anything that is unintelligibly ungrammatical or misspelled.
It is usually possible to tell the difference between lack of skill
in English and lack of skill in articulating thought. It is the
latter that I aim to reject.

Popularity is not necessarily an indicator of success.
Gavin Wraith (
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