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steve donovan wrote:
> I like lhf's lambda-style proposal, e.g. \x,y(x+y) - has two
> advantages (a) it is absolutely explicit about what the expression
> scope is (and can also support multiple return values) and (b) it is
> easily implemented by token filters (e.g. using LuaMacro)

Not to mention that \ is suggestive of the lambda character.

I almost mentioned this form in my post. My initial gripe was that the
parentheses move from delimiting the arguments to delimiting the
expression, in contrast to the normal function definition form. But I
could get used to that. Really, I'm overly critical here. Expressions
may already be wrapped in parentheses anyway, and argument lists have a
very simple structure in this form - one cannot stick expressions
between '\' and '('. So, yes, this is a good solution.

> A first pass would be to patch the token filter patch so that it did
> not rely on the presence of a global 'FILTER' (that is, there was an
> API which would explicitly register callbacks.)

That's on my list of things to try - and perhaps splitting the two uses
of the FILTER call, as indicated in another thread. I installed the
token filter patch a number of times and I even began tweaking it, but
never finished the task.

I need to start trimming that list! Every time I start to do so, I'm
interrupted for some reason and the Lua world moves on without me.

For example, back in early '04 I wrote my own tasking interface
('threading' could be confused with coroutines in Lua's naming
convention!). According to comments I found in my code, I wasn't
satisfied with the POSIX implementation of LuaTask. My own library is
short and sweet - new(), post(), and read() with timeout. It allows
message passing via marshaling of Lua's simple data types. It worked
well enough for my own purposes initially, but I never developed the
code around it to replace our existing C test software. Other duties
summoned me. Now there are many more choices for multi-tasking under Lua.

And there are many of my own mostly-finished libraries and wrappers that
should be placed on LuaForge. But there's always home maintenance and
putting the kids through school, oh, and work. *sigh* So much fun, so
little time...


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