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There's also of course

True, the reference manual is the authoritative source. But the most confusing thing for me especially at the beginning was to figure out where all my values were and what to do with them: you have up to 4 parameters in the C function and/or up to (and sometimes even more than) 3 values somewhere on the stack. After the call you receive none or several values on the stack and/or maybe a return value from the C call. The C value is either a bool indicating success or an error number. But sometimes it something completely different like user data or a convenice pointer to some string.

So I don't regret having spent two days with my spreadsheet and some additional time with the file from Enrico. Now it is 2 printed pages at a glance on my desk vs. 20 pages in the manual :-)

Lua is a nice and compact language and I hope those sheets help the one or the other to master it more quickly :-)