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Eike Decker wrote:
2009/12/24 Andre de Leiradella <>:
I've written a graph editor to help program fragment shaders. It was written
for Insomniac Games, but it's freely available under the Nocturnal

The nodes are scripted in Lua so it should be easy to add nodes related to
graph dialogs. Nodes generate code which can also be customized.

The app was written using wxWidgets and the graph is rendered using
GraphViz. The good thing about this is that the graph is always well
organized. The bad thing is, you cannot determine the graph organization.



That is really looking useful. You should put up a page with
screenshots and the download link as well as a short description on
that wiki, that tool wasn't exactly easily to find... I also found the
Unfortunately I don't have rights to edit the public wiki. But I'll send the guys a message when they return from the holidays.
lua files for node descriptions. But looks like it would be still
quite some work to adapt it to do some pretty different (different
syntax and so on...).
It *should* be easy to edit/create nodes with the attributes you need and that generates code you want. Feel free to contact me privately if your having trouble.