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Because a little interest was shown before about using Tokyo Tyrant
with Lua, I will report to the list what evil I have wrought.

My earlier attempt, a pure Lua implementation of the Tyrant protocol,
has been abandoned in favor of a binding to Mikio's tcrdb interface.
It was some of my first Lua code, and sat untested and unloved for
several months. After looking back over it, and even giving it a quick
first pass of an overhaul, I felt my heart fill with mistrust and
contempt for the accursed thing.

A C binding to Mikio's remote database interface inspires in me both
confidence and relief. Mikio is a living god. My humble binding bows
before his great works.

I'm still a novice C programmer; I'd *much appreciate* your wise
review, and gentle feedback.

It's fairly complete, except for the Table Extension (which I may
someday get around to doing). Also, there are a few things that
haven't been tested yet, due to laziness and holiday cheer, etc.
(copy, restore, setmaster, optimize, ext). A couple of methods also
take timestamps in microseconds, and I've yet to mess with those (they

The revelry goes something like this...

--( typed directly into email message x_x )--

local tyr = require 'tokyotyrant'
local db =   -- connect to default host and port: 'localhost', 1978
--local my_other_db ='myhost', 9966)

db:put( 'cthulhu', 'fhtagn' )   -- tcrdbput
db:put{ cthulhu_author='Lovecraft', cthulhu_title='The Call of
Cthulhu', cthulhu_date=1928, cthulhu_genre='awesome' }   -- tcrdbmisc

local keys = db:fwmkeys('cthulhu_')             -- tcrdbfwmkeys;
'forward matching keys'
for k in db:keys() do print(k), db:get(k) end   -- iterate over all keys

=db:get( 'cthulhu' )   -- tcrdbget
=db:get( keys )       -- tcrdbmisc

=db:size()    -- size of database
=db:rnum()   -- number of records
=#db           -- number of records

db:out( keys )       -- tcrdbmisc
db:out( 'cthulhu' )   -- tcrdbout

db:vanish()  -- destroy everything
db = nil