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2009/12/8 Doug Rogers <>:
> Doug Rogers wrote:
>> ... I had remembered a more recent discussion, but the latest
>> message that I found using the lual-l archive search was:
> Also relevant:
> That page says "LfW has standardized on MSVCR80.DLL", but the main LfW
> page still says its "modules all depend on the MSVC++ 2005 runtime library."
> Perhaps I'm revealing too much of my ignorance of Microsoft compilers
> and run-times!

VC versions and release year don't match in regards to numbers (2002
is 7.0, 2003 is 7.1, 2005 is 8.0, 2008 is 9.0). Things get even more
complicated if you take into account special VC versions released with
some platform SDKs and the DDKs.

One way to avoid problems with libc runtimes on windows is to link
them statically. I did that on one of my projects and it can greatly
simplify deployment. It slightly increases DLL sizes, but that's still
reasonnable (iirc lua51.dll grew from 160k to 250k or so).