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On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Jerome Vuarand
<> wrote:
> One way to avoid problems with libc runtimes on windows is to link
> them statically. I did that on one of my projects and it can greatly
> simplify deployment. It slightly increases DLL sizes, but that's still
> reasonnable (iirc lua51.dll grew from 160k to 250k or so).

That's true, and it is guaranteed to work. But then every extension
.dll has to be statically linked as well.

MS has _not_ made C/C++ development easier with their libc changes
(but it does fit with their business model).  If the GCC people tried
tricks like that there would be a working Linux GCC fork within two

Alas, but the MS compilers do give faster code than mingw, about
20-25% in my informal tests.

steve d.