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  Visual Studio 2005 includes Visual C++ 8. Visual Studio 2008 includes
Visual C++ 9.


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> Sent: terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009 20:37
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> Subject: Re: Adding module+DLL to Lua for Windows (LfW)
> Doug Rogers wrote:
> > ... I had remembered a more recent discussion, but the latest
> > message that I found using the lual-l archive search was:
> >
> Also relevant:
> That page says "LfW has standardized on MSVCR80.DLL", but the main LfW
> page still says its "modules all depend on the MSVC++ 2005 runtime
> library."
> Perhaps I'm revealing too much of my ignorance of Microsoft compilers
> and run-times!
> Doug
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