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As promised in the recent post about the sponsorship program, I've
now set up a public git repository for LuaJIT 2.0. The details can
be found at the download page:

It has already accumulated quite a few changes compared to the
LuaJIT-2.0.0-beta2 release:

  Fix DWARF2 frame unwind information for interpreter on OSX.
  Fix package.cpath for non-default PREFIX.
  Fix PHI marking algorithm for references from variant slots.
  Fix cutoff register in JMP bytecode for some conditional expressions.
  Fix lua_tocfunction().
  Compile math.sinh(), math.cosh(), math.tanh() and math.random().
  Compile various io.*() functions.
  Drive the GC forward on string allocations in the parser.
  Improve KNUM fuse vs. load heuristics.
  Add abstract C call handling to IR.

I'll be mainly working on the x64 port from now on. The last
change is already a prerequisite for it. For now I'll try not to
break the default x86-on-x64 cross-compile target. The x64 port
needs a lot more work before it can even run the pure interpreter,
so don't hold your breath.