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Eric Bohlman wrote:
> It's not so much an incentive to give as an incentive to give more. If,
> say, your total tax rate (not your bracket rate) is 20%, then in order
> to make a non-exempt donation of $100 you have to earn $125 in order to
> cover it. But if the organization is tax-exempt, you only have to earn
> $100 to cover your $100 donation. Thus, you have more money available to
> donate.

In the UK there's a system known as Gift Aid specifically to cover this
sort of situation: donations to registered charities can claim back
basic rate income tax --- which is 20%. If you pay a higher rate of tax,
the donor gets to claim back money as well. In other words, if I pay 40%
tax, then by filling out a form, every 1 UKP I donate arrives at the
charity as 1.25 UKP, and I get to claim back 0.25 UKP from the government.

Does the US have anything similar?

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