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LuaJIT currently only runs on the x86 architecture. Even though
most x64-based operating systems can run x86 code in 32 bit mode,
it's highly desirable to have a native 64 bit port of LuaJIT 2.0.
This allows embedding of LuaJIT in 64 bit applications and the JIT
compiler can make use of 64 bit-specific features like the
additional registers.

Since there has been considerable interest for an x64 port, I've
initiated a corporate sponsorship program for LuaJIT. You can read
more about the current status and how to contribute here:

The goal of the current sponsorship campaign is to raise EUR 20,000
(approx. $ 30,000) for the x64 port of LuaJIT 2.0. Any funds raised
beyond this goal will be used for further enhancements of LuaJIT on
all platforms.

To jump-start sponsorship of LuaJIT, Athena Capital Research has
provided an initial contribution of EUR 5,000!

As part of their commitment to the open source community, Athena
Capital Research has also offered to provide up to EUR 7,000 of
matching funds. All funds offered through corporate sponsorship
will be matched one-to-one. This offer is only valid until January 31,
2010 -- please consider contributing early!

More about the open source activities of Athena Capital Research:

My personal thanks go to Evan Wies of Athena Capital Research for
arranging the very generous initial sponsorship and for helping to
set up this program!

Thanks to their sponsorship I can now start working on the x64
port. I'll follow up with another announcement when I've set up a
public git repository with the latest development snapshots.