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I have test luarocks 2 yesterday and have to say that works great. I just miss some backwards compatibility for uninstalling old packages, otherwise it results in conflicts, yesterday I had to uninstall luarocks 0.6, then install luarocks 2, then uninstall luarocks 2 to unistall ALL my rocks, switch back to luarocks 2...


On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 1:35 AM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
>>>>> I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 2.0.1, a bugfix release:
>>>> Everything looks great and all, but can you see about getting it into
>>>> the Ubuntu repos?
>>>> The latest version on 'universe' is 0.6...
>>> I'm not the maintainer for any distro packages of LuaRocks. My advice
>>> would be to get in contact with the downstream maintainer for your
>>> favorite distro and ask them to update. :)

>> For debian and ubuntu, the way to do this would be to report a bug
>> against the out-of-date package.

> Well, Ubuntu Karmic Koala will go live tomorrow with LuaRocks 1.0.1 ... :/

I'm not related to the current maintainers in any way.

My company is planning to create a debian package for LuaRocks for our
own needs and to maintain it in our public apt repository (sorry, no
links yet).

We do not currently plan to submit the package for inclusion to the
official Ubuntu / Debian repos, but anyone would be able to use our
repo. We plan to keep packages there up-to date.

As we're doing it for our own setup, there is a chance we miss
something we do not use, but that is important for others. If anyone
have their suggestions on how this package should be set up, please
say so.

Also, I remember seeing the post, where it was explained why current
Lua package is patched to place its .so files in the manner it does.
Does anyone still have a link? I understand that it is due to the
packaging rules, but I vaguely remember there was even more practical
reason for that.


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