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2009/10/29 Fernando P. García <>:
> I have test luarocks 2 yesterday and have to say that works great. I just
> miss some backwards compatibility for uninstalling old packages, otherwise
> it results in conflicts, yesterday I had to uninstall luarocks 0.6, then
> install luarocks 2, then uninstall luarocks 2 to unistall ALL my rocks,
> switch back to luarocks 2...

Yes, the structure of local repositories are unfortunately not
compatible. One way to perform the conversion is to run "luarocks
pack" using LuaRocks 0.x/1.x on all installed packages (this will
create binary packages), erase the repository, and then run "luarocks
install" with LuaRocks 2 to install all packages to the new locations.

(This reminds me that someone once asked me to add an option to
"luarocks list" to make its output more script friendly.....)

-- Hisham