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I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 2.0.1, a bugfix release:

This is the Unix tarball. The Windows package is in the works in will
follow later in the 2.0.x series.

(If you downloaded a release candidate, this is a new package:
md5: 795a30b42894ef5cd2ad449c3bf9cff9)

What's changed:
* there were still references to the old LuaForge repository URL
around; these were removed.
* luarocks.cfg is no longer edited during installation; a separate
site-local luarocks.config module is created.
* bugfix in the luarocks.loader module
* bugfix for installation of LR1 .rocks in LR2
* bugfix for luarocks.pack
* bugfix for which resulted in crash
* robustness fixes and improvements for luarocks.add
* cleanup of configure options matching current LR2 capabilities
* and last but not the least...

...a new experimental feature: installing LuaRocks as a rock. To try
that, instead of the usual "./configure; make; make install", do
"./configure; make bootstrap" (passing your configure-flags as usual,
of course). "luarocks list" should then show "luarocks 2.0.1-1" as one
of the installed rocks. Feedback on this feature is especially
welcome. Also, the usual installation procedure should still work

-- Hisham