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On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 08:45:57 +0800
KHMan <> wrote:

> Apparently a Marvell Sheeva,
> Funny thing is, Marvell does not seem to be on the same page with 
> ARM on this, they are careful to claim only ARM compatibility. One 
> of these days, it will end in tears, or rather, a lawsuit...

At the risk of going even more off-topic, Marvell and Intel both have
licences to the ARM architecture, related patents, and test suites.

Marvell bought some elements of Intel's XScale business (which itself
came from DEC's StrongARM business), along with an Israeli company
called Ferocean, who had developed an ARM clone *without* any licences
from ARM, but that problem went away when Marvell (who did) bought
them.  The Shiva, if memory serves, is what has developed from that
Ferocean purchase.

Incidentally, anybody can build an ARM clone with no licences from
ARM.  The entire specification was placed into the public domain by
Acorn long before ARM Ltd. even existed.  However, using the ARM
trademark and some of the newer patent-encumbered instructions do
require licences.

Anyway, enough.  Back to Lua :)