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On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 08:48:45 +0000
David Given <> wrote:

> > I work with ARM daily, and "ARM x19 series" means nothing to me.
> > Can you expand?
> It's an Kirkwood 88F6281 --- which actually turns out to be the same
> processor, AFAICT, as in my SheevaPlug. In practical terms an ARMv5TE.

Right, so not an ARM series thing.  A Marvell series thing :)

> (Annoyingly, Marvell don't appear to document what kind of ARM core
> their devices have. 

That's because they do not include an ARM core.  It's a core of their
own design (like StrongARM, XScale and Ferocean) that happens to
execute ARM code.

> You *can* get ipkg for this, and can therefore install any Optware
> package; and I know Lua is available. Instructions here:

I have a modern and up to date Ubuntu running on our Sheevaplugs quite
successfully, along with the stock Lua from their repositories.