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You won't normally be getting anything binary on these devices (embedded NAS

One either needs to compile "native" on the device itself, or cross-compile
using Linux host. OS X host can in theory be used, but one must recompile gcc
for this from scratch, which is rather time taking and complex. I've tried.

My NAS is a NSLU2 ("Slug"), and I've done compilations native on it.

SlugOS started on the NSLU2 device, but is nowadays covering quite a number of
other NASes as well.

> Marvell 1.2GHz CPU and 512MB DDRII memory

Now that is one high performance ARM system. Forget the above; these systems should better be served by something like full-blown Debian installation.

Also forget about the LNUM patch; I'm rather sure the CPU has floating point support included?

Check here:

- Asko

28.10.09 00:43, Hans van der Meer <> kirjoitti:

> On 27 okt 2009, at 22:55, David Given wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > Hans van der Meer wrote:
> >> Now that I have NAS built around a Marvell 6281 (ARM x19 series)  
> >> running
> >> a Linux system, I wonder if there is a Lua implementation running on
> >> this combination. For those who are acquainted with this system: it  
> >> is a
> >> QNAP TS-419P.
> >
> > Yes, stock Lua Just Works on it. (I have a SheevaPlug, which has a
> > Marvell 88FR131 'Feroceon' in it.)
> >
> Great and glad to hear. Where can I download a suitable executable?
> As far as I know my MacOSX XCode has no backend for this processor.  
> That makes crosscompiling I bit difficult.
> > In general, Lua is completely platform-independent and and needs no
> > modification to Just Work on any 32-bit CPU with enough RAM.
> >
> > There isn't a LuaJIT for ARM yet, though.
> >
> Hans van der Meer