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Would it be okay if I renamed this thread "pure Lua PDF module"?

My original post regarding PHP has been narrowed down to this topic and it might be easier for others to follow later.

> a big help would be to detail all the PDF objects created by FPDF,
> together with a template to reproduce them.  using that as a base
> would be a lot faster than using the adobe docs.
I am at an intermediate level with Python and PHP(I repair Spectrometers
for a living, I am not a pro programmer). I could probably at least go
through these code examples that Bertrand has given plus FPDF and
document what each part does. Then maybe someone could help turn it into
proper Lua code.

I am still overloaded with my Son(who's Autism is getting much better)
and my Daughter will be here in a few weeks but if you can bare with my
slow pace I will give it my best.

The FPDF forum is also a friendly place, I might be able to get some
help here.