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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
On Oct 27, 2009, at 8:34 PM, Patrick wrote:

Actually the only thing I am really suck with is FPDF. I want to
generate PDF quotes for my small business.
Perhaps something like lpdf would help?

lpdf is a binding for PDFlib:

FPDF explicitly avoids PDFlib.

Perhaps LuaHPDF then?

Looking at the code in FPDF, it seems to be easy to convert to pure Lua,
but of course I know no PHP. If anyone knows PHP and can confirm that it'd
be easy to convert to pure Lua, I could try it.

The PDF dialect that FPDF creates appears to be a slightly older one, which is basically a red-headed stepchild of Postscript. This means that it is just a fancy text template/generation engine. It shouldn't be TOO hard to port it over... (famous last words)