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On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 3:46 PM, Patrick
<> wrote:
> Wow, you guys are awesome thanks so much for these great responses.
> My Lua skills are still minimal but if a port of FPDF does need to be
> done, I would like to contribute in some way.

a big help would be to detail all the PDF objects created by FPDF,
together with a template to reproduce them.  using that as a base
would be a lot faster than using the adobe docs.

> I just read today that Apache will come with Mod_Lua by default. This
> sounds like very exciting news. I am just wondering, if it came down to
> a FPDF port vs LuaHPDF, which would be better to bring new users to Lua?
> If Mod_Lua will come pre-installed does this mean that many economy
> hosting providers will eventually have Lua by default as well?

as the Django people are learning, having the language interpreter
embedded in the apache processes usually isn't the best idea.
currently the advised deployment architecture uses mod_wsgi instead of
mod_python, especially using the 'daemon' mode, which spawns the
python VM(s) separate from apache's own processes/threads.  Not too
different from FastCGI, but with better task longevity management.

check this:

> LuaHDPF must be complied but an FPDF port would be just another Lua
> script. Would this make it easier to attract new users?

totally.  the 'pure Lua' tag is a big plus in any project