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On 27 okt 2009, at 22:55, David Given wrote:

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Hans van der Meer wrote:
Now that I have NAS built around a Marvell 6281 (ARM x19 series) running
a Linux system, I wonder if there is a Lua implementation running on
this combination. For those who are acquainted with this system: it is a

Yes, stock Lua Just Works on it. (I have a SheevaPlug, which has a
Marvell 88FR131 'Feroceon' in it.)

Great and glad to hear. Where can I download a suitable executable?
As far as I know my MacOSX XCode has no backend for this processor. That makes crosscompiling I bit difficult.

In general, Lua is completely platform-independent and and needs no
modification to Just Work on any 32-bit CPU with enough RAM.

There isn't a LuaJIT for ARM yet, though.

Hans van der Meer