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Jacob Jay wrote:
On 23 Oct 2009, at 10:58 AM, Stefan wrote:

[cc'd to Kepler list]

FastCGI is definitely the way to go, but if you haven't, do check out wsapi-fcgi which is part of Kepler ( I use this with spawn-fcgi and lighttpd/nginx. An additional FCGI-Lua interface may be unnecessary unless you want it to do something notably different to that of the Kepler WSAPI one.

I was under the impression that wsapi-fcgi did NOT persist the scripts between invocations, unless you run each script as it's own fastcgi server. Running a couple dozen (at least) extra processes that MUST stay up at all times doesn't appeal to sysadmin in me.

My main criteria are:

1) lightweight
2) fast
3) reliable, even under extremely heavy loads
4) controllable and intelligent resource utilization
4) easy administration for critical installations

For a basic "hello world" test wsapi-fcgi yields results similar to yours (both in the region of 4,000+ requests per second on 2 cores) and the best I've seen thus far is 7000rps on 4 cores (makes all the difference, given that I can't seem to otherwise push CPU use to the max.).

Interesting. What is the memory load of wsapi-fcgi at identical rps rates compared to luafcgid?

Incidentally luafcgid is eating CPU at ~6% when idle (on OS X, anyway).

Yes, the idle loop of the parent process is a placeholder 'usleep(100)' right now. Some configurable housekeeping is planned there.