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I have defined an asynchronous function in C that yields the current thread and then resumes it when the operation completes.  If the function succeeds, then I push the result onto the stack and call lua_resume().


What can I do in case of an exception? I’d love to somehow cause an exception to be thrown into the resumed thread, but I don’t see an easy way to do this.


So far I’ve considered injecting some Lua shim code, but that seems pretty complicated:




-- Get the async function from the stack

f = ...


-- Call the async function. It will return true on success and false on failure

success, result = f() 


if success then

      return result    -- the 2nd argument is the result. TODO: Handle tuple results.


      error(result)    -- the 2nd argument is the error message. Throw it.






I’d much rather not go down this complicated (and inefficient) route if I can avoid it. Any ideas?