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Bertrand Mansion wrote:
On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 7:28 AM, Stefan <> wrote:
Hello all, I was recently looking at different ways to switch our web
application written in Lua from apache to nginx (we are currently using
mod_wombat *in production* to earn a living).

I wouldn't use mod_wombat in production at the moment, it can be
vulnerable to DoS attack because the size of the request body that is
read is not limited and could fill the memory. It should use apreq2
instead of trying to do request parsing by itself. And there is no
easy way to limit and control how server resources are used (max
execution time, memory limit, ...).

Correction: a in-house modified version of mod_wombat, based on the last snap back when they *did* use apreq2. And yes, the lack of proper controls is one of the issues prompting the switch.

When I performed heavy benchmarking, apache filled the screen of 'top' with over 60 httpd processes. And that was at only 10 concurrent connections.