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2009/10/9 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
> Let me recall similar thread:

I like the distinction between LOSR (lua open software repository) and
CLAN (like Perl's CPAN).

Namespace agreement can be a mission; it will lead to tedious
arguments and will break a lot of code in the transition.  (E.g.,
require 'cairo' becomes require 'graphics.cairo', and so forth)  The
pragmatic solution is to make it easy LuaForge++ for tell you exactly
what module(s) a package provides. These are not always obvious, e.g.
I know that LuaFileSystem provides 'lfs' but that's because I know the
package.  Then there will be no module conflicts _by mistake_.

This will probably be a feature of the upcoming LuaRocks 2, but there
are already things which are for instance only available on LuaDist
and not on LuaRocks.  In time, equilibrium will be reached.

And yes, Google Code _is_ very cool, but I've tried to be loyal ;)

steve d.