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Phoenix Sol wrote:
It's not VM's Apple has issues with, it is the capability of
an application to skirt around the central control Apple has over what
can & can't make it onto the iPhone.
I, for one, am indignant toward Apple for this AND their policy
requiring that all iPhone apps must be developed on Cupertino Metal.

I will switch to Android as soon as possible.

Not that I blame you, but until the iPhone craze is actually affected by the Android platform - it's not going to change. Like Windows in the desktop arena, the iPhone platform is currently where a majority of the mobile application money is (for us contract developers anyhow). Much as I hate the App Store rules, the iPhone is a pretty good device with alot of potential (though at a price point I wouldn't pay personally).

The commercial reality is that application development for the iPhone is a decent niche for contract developers with the skills. Having Lua as a language one can use is a good thing, especially when you can update on the fly to the device without the delay of a complete recompile/resign/redeploy pipeline. So long as the end product is not capable of such development trickery - Apple doesn't care so long as it doesn't harm their control of the platform.


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer