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Benjamin Tolputt wrote:
The commercial reality is that application development for the iPhone is a decent niche for contract developers with the skills.

Also, it looks to me like this could be the first real opportunity for an author to get paid royalties (meaning: something for each copy sold) since the tech publishing industry near-collapse at the end of the past century.

I'm considering iPhone development, but I haven't reached a conclusion yet. The early "easy money" phase is clearly over, but there could be space for independent authors with original ideas.

> Having Lua as a language one can use is a good thing, especially
> when you can update on the fly to the device without the delay
> of a complete recompile/resign/redeploy pipeline.

It also depends on the license and on the degree of control given by the tool's maker. Should I start developing for iPhone, I'd probably write my own bindings just to be in full control of all code, but time-saving tools like iPhone Wax may be useful, as you said, for contract developers that are paid a fixed amount.

As for Apple keeping strict control of the whole process, I think it may have some value: without this, the entire business model could collapse (for the authors, at least). On the other hand, I may be dead wrong here. We'll probably see by watching Android.