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Robert Raschke wrote:
If I remember correctly, Lua optimises tail calls. In my experience, using tail calls for state transitions is way easier to understand and code than using goto's. But YMMV, I guess.

Tail calls don't let you easily share state using local variables --- you either have to pass all your state in using parameters, or else put the whole thing inside a bigger function and use upvalues. Either way, it's significantly more heavyweight. Still fast (I posted some benchmarks a little while ago), but considerably less so than a simple jump from one bytecode location to another.

Or is your problem, that you've already got lots of machine generated goto-state machines that you'd like to "translate" to Lua?

This is my major use case, yes, but it'd also be useful in other places. Consider this --- most languages provide some sanitised goto to handle doing this sort of thing:

while a do
  while b do
    while c do
      while d do
        if abort() then
          goto exitloopc

David Given