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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 7:03 PM, Roberto
Ierusalimschy<> wrote:
>> Every person I train in Lua asks me why 'continue' doesn't work.  I show
>> them the "equivalent", and it never meets with any kind of satisfaction.
>> [...]
>> I'm in the camp where I see a real need for it in Lua, not only for
>> clarity, but because it is a very useful loop construct that anyone
>> coming from another popular (scripting) language will expect to be able
>> to use.
> Any comment about this?
> -- Roberto

Personally, I would happily go so far as sacrificing the
until-expression-inside-loop scope rule so that continue could be
added, and that's as someone who does use repeat/until loops and can
see the benefit of this scoping rule. (Raising a parse error if and
only if the problem is encountered is better still, of course.)