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I was interested to see that 5.1alpha implements a new scoping rule for "repeat" statements; the expression in the "until" clause is now *inside* the scope of the "repeat" block.

Unfortunately, this is not compatible with the semantics of "continue". Consider:

  local l ="*l" or "quit"
  if l:match"^#" then continue end
  local g, rest = l:match"(%S+)%s*(.*)"
  local done = handle[g](g, words(rest))
until done

If the "continue" statement is executed, the "until" clause will be evaluated but the local "done" is uninitialised. Obviously, this could be fixed by defining done before the continue statement, but Lua will not detect the error, which I think is a showstopper.

If you want to test the code, here's a minimal test environment. You'll notice that the loop is terminated by a comment (i.e. a line starting #)

local function words(l)
  local rv = {}
  for w in l:gmatch"%S+" do table.insert(rv, w) end
  return rv

local function defaultTable(def)
  return setmetatable({}, {__index = function() return def end})

local function err(cmd)
  print(("I don't understand what you mean by %q"):format(cmd))

local handle = defaultTable(err)
function handle.quit()
  return true
function handle.hello()
  print "Hello, yourself"