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On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 12:58 PM, Olivier Hamel<> wrote:
> Duncan Cross wrote:
>> Er, yes. Good point.
>> Maybe it could expand parenthesised expressions as well, so (...)... ?
>> Is that not quite as bad?
>> -Duncan
> Doesn't really help, maybe a C-style typecast-ish approach?
> (...)FunctionThatReturnsARidiculousNumberOfValues()
> I think that looks somewhat better, what do you think?
> Olivier

One problem with that is that it would be odd if it didn't work with a
literal list of values (logically, I mean - there would be no actual
reason to, if you have a literal list of values you should just insert
them into the enclosing list directly), but:


- already means something, it is a function call to the first value in
the vararg list, taking the parameters a,b,c.