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2009/1/21 Anders Backman <>:
> Ok a few more comments:
> Im starting to test to export a bunch of classes, and it works for quite a
> lot of the code, problems and ideas are listed with # below:
> #1 obj.__gc = obj.delete -- scope deletion
> Could this be beatified somehow?

local n =
QObject.new_local = function(...)
  local ret = n(...)
  ret.__gc = ret.delete
  return ret

> #2  I did not get delete to work at all:

It was a problem with the namespace patch. It should be fixed now.

> #3 Tried virtual methods
> #4 The virtual method is not exported to lua so:
> #5 nested classes as I indicated before does not work:

I'll look into those in the next days...

> #6 library naming convention
> Right now the naming convention of the dynamic library is perhaps not
> optimal.

correct. but as you noticed there are even bigger problems :)