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Yes, sorry vague sentence...  I know nested classes works with tolua++, but it was a good thing you mentioned it so I could test it with the other bindings (lqt included).
I like lqt also because it will expand c-macros too, I had some places where tolua++ did not do the trick because some macro magic was used to implement some things....
With lqt that works right out of the box.


On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 7:29 PM, Tim Niemueller <> wrote:
Anders Backman schrieb:
> But your comment about tolua++ and nested classes is valid for lqt too...

I said it works just fine with tolua++, but as you suggest it does not
for lqt...

I give simplified headers to tolua++ (remove everything that is private,
no comments etc.). Since we already auto-generate large parts of the C++
code base, generating an additional simplified header to feed to tolua++
is easy. Virtual method binding is not of a concern for us at the moment.


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