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I went on, still trying to pursue the automatic binding.
I really like the lqt way of doing things.
Now when it has namespaces!! and correct syntax I like it even more.

For me now, it boils down to creating .h files for which lqt can crunch, it will then generate virtual method binding automatically, which tolua++ doesnt...
It also handles include/dependencies between various class declarations...

But your comment about tolua++ and nested classes is valid for lqt too...

It seems that lqt stumbles onto this too.
Nested classes is not working.
Can this be fixed?


On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Tim Niemueller <> wrote:
Anders Backman schrieb:
> Hi all.
> This is probably a wildly discussed topic, but I haven't found a good
> compilation of the resources as new ones pops up all over the place, and
> others die..
> Problem: Given a C++ API I want to export classes, methods, namespaces,
> enums to lua. Being able to implement virtual methods in lua, calling
> them from C++/lua transparently...

A critical point for us was the ability to have nested classes:

class A
 class B
     void do_something();

 void useB(B* b);

tolua++ does that just fine for us. I know that swig can't do it, but
can others like LuaBind do this?


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