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On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Ariel Manzur <> wrote:
> lua_qt might still work, but last time I tried it it was for qt 4.3. I
> never found a good way to obtain the qt api, I was going to try that
> KDE parser that spits out XML, but I never had the time.
> there was also that problem with acquiring the virtual methods, but I
> never had enough users to know what kind of usage that would get (the
> idea of using tolua to automatically allow to implement virtual
> methods from lua was quite new at the time).

yep, i realized that manually choosing which methods, and how to use
each was _a lot_ of manual work, so i didn't consider that a bug, nor
even a missing feature, just a natural shortcoming from the use of
automated bindings.

the not-so-bad workaround is to create dummy C++ classes that reexport
the needed methods.  i did for a couple of tests, but soon found all
my time eaten by daytime web projects and a little girl that calls me
'papa' :-)