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On Thursday 15 January 2009 14:17:38 Leo Razoumov wrote:

> thanks for your efforts. Lua scripting in a Qt app will be useful, indeed.
> At this point I am looking for a Lua binding to Qt library in a spirit
> similar to Python Qt bindings PyQt. It allows to write an entire GUI script
> in Python (I would prefer Lua, though) w/o need to program C++ directly.

It can work this way as well. The library allows you to load ui files, create 
widgets and access qobject tree from lua. A simple c++ program which just 
loads and executes your lua script with the library does what you want. Such a 
program will be packaged with the library.

The library includes a lua console Qt widget with history and completion 
feature. This is usefull in scriptable Qt applications but can be used to 
debug or test lua/qt code easily too.