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If Alchemy can take LLVM-IR(bitcode or .ll files) directly then it would be
possible to static compile Lua scripts + Lua VM core into standalone LLVM
bitcode file using llmv-lua and then compile that into ActionScript.  This
would help improve the performance of the Lua scripts.

With Alchemy I compiled the lua-5.1.4 code as is with "make generic", generating all the "libraries" (.swc in AS terms) and executables (.swf in AS terms).  This includes the lua "executable" (really a swf executed by swfbridge), if the normal lua executable can execute the bitcode or .ll files produced by LLVM then the alchemy build probably could.

Before doing the port I only knew Lua existed so I'm learning the domain as I go (got my 4 books in the mail today for some lite reading).

The proof of concept project I posted has instructions and makefiles to build it all.