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>> Great to see someone else is interested in this area. I'm open for
>> collaboration. :-)
> I'm open for collaboration too.

Great! I would write to you privately then.


>> I think that with help of lua-llvm direct compilation from Lua to swf
>> should be possible *in theory*. It must require a lot of work to
>> implement though...

> Alchemy uses LLVM to compile C/C++ to ActionScript.  I didn't know that
> there was a lua-llvm that might help compile to fash bytecode.  I'd
> considered that as a path for other languages after seeing what PyPy is
> doing (there a pypy sub-project that compiles python to Flash and the pypy
> toolchain uses LLVM too).

My apologies, the project is called llvm-lua and is located here:

It is fairly recent though, so, I guess it would take some time to
mature (but I have not looked closely).