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>> My apologies, the project is called llvm-lua and is located here:
>> It is fairly recent though, so, I guess it would take some time to
>> mature (but I have not looked closely).
>> Alexander.
> llvm-lua supports all the features of standard Lua VM.  If something is broken
> or missing let me know and I will fix it.

But that is great! I'm sorry, like I said, I have not looked closely
on the project. I should now.

Is there some guide on how may I switch in my C++ project (not related
to Alchemy) from Lua to Lua-LLVM?

> If Alchemy can take LLVM-IR(bitcode or .ll files) directly then it would be
> possible to static compile Lua scripts + Lua VM core into standalone LLVM
> bitcode file using llmv-lua and then compile that into ActionScript.  This
> would help improve the performance of the Lua scripts.

> llvm-lua is not just a JIT it can static compile Lua script into a standalone
> binary that doesn't include the large LLVM libraries.

It *looks* like Alchemy uses normal LLVM pipeline, so it should be
possible to trick it to use our LLVM-IR. This is definitely worth