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  In the IUP web site, in the Downloads you can find what you want. But you
will have to choose what package to download and that depends on what you
are going to do.

- To download static libraries, if you are not going to use require, then
choose "mingw3" packages.
- To download dynamic libraries, that depends on the MSVCRT.DLL (the default
RTL) for mingw3, then choose "dll6" packages.
- To download an executable that you can write a script in Lua, using
require to load "iuplua" and "iupluagl", choose the Win32 package in the
Executables group.
- If you just want something that has everything you need, I strongly
recommend Lua for Windows: 

  All IUP binaries work out of the box with OpenGL. BUT OpenGL itself is a
different story. You will need a binding for that too. The Lua for Windows
includes the LuaGL binding with a few enhancements. There are also some
samples using IUP and LuaGL in Lua for Windows.

Best Regards,
Antonio Scuri

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> Sent: segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008 15:36
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> Subject: IUP or wxLua with OpenGL?
> I tried searching and even building (CodeBlocks with Mingw) OpenGL
> support for
> one of IUP or wxLua but it seems impossible.
> Building failed most possibly because I am a complete C++ newbie...
> Can anyone please provide a build of any of these toolkits with OpenGL?