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Antonio Scuri <scuri <at>> writes:

>   In the IUP web site, in the Downloads you can find what you want. But you
> will have to choose what package to download and that depends on what you
> are going to do.
> - To download static libraries, if you are not going to use require, then
> choose "mingw3" packages.
> - To download dynamic libraries, that depends on the MSVCRT.DLL (the default
> RTL) for mingw3, then choose "dll6" packages.
> - To download an executable that you can write a script in Lua, using
> require to load "iuplua" and "iupluagl", choose the Win32 package in the
> Executables group.
> - If you just want something that has everything you need, I strongly
> recommend Lua for Windows: 
>   All IUP binaries work out of the box with OpenGL. BUT OpenGL itself is a
> different story. You will need a binding for that too. The Lua for Windows
> includes the LuaGL binding with a few enhancements. There are also some
> samples using IUP and LuaGL in Lua for Windows.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Scuri> 

I downloaded the IUP binary release for 
windows and the examples from the sourceforge site.

I set my path correctly and tried running the:


but it gave some errors (the naming of the requires should 
be altered from "iuplua" to "iuplua51" and so on to comply 
with the *.dll naming in the lib path variable. I know I 
can put the naming convention in the LUA_CPATH) then in 
line 7 it gives an error:

error loading module "iupgl" from file "iupgl.dll"

If I leave it like require("gl") it gives 
a typical "can't find the .dll or .lua in the 
specified paths." error message

How can I make it happen?

Best regards,...
Petsagourakis George