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On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 17:17:42 +0000
Tim Channon <> wrote:

> pragmatic view seems to be most people's reaction. I checked several
> different servers before posting, all rejected lower case.
'cause almost nobody actually reads RFCs top-down (and i must admit that
it's not a pleasant reading anyway %-). it's a thing that can be
workarounded on the user-side, but i think that it shouldn't. the more
rants and bug-reports server authors will get, the less broken servers
will be 'round there.

btw, it's not the worst issue i've seen. some old versions of some
ftp-servers has, for example, totally broken REST command, and still i
get 'bug-reports' about regarding my software ("this 'big teams'
just can't be wrong, so it's your fault!" %-( ).