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> Gavin Wraith <> wrote:
> > Why 'split'? You might want to place multiple views anywhere on the screen.
> > Why be limited to putting them next to each other?
> You're splitting the view of *one window*. If you really need to have
> two text windows with something else between them (What? A calculator?
> Tetris? Why?) then you can open two windows (i.e. instances).

Well then, let us say you are writing a learned article - big
window in the middle. You need to keep open the letter from the editor
of the journal you are submitting it to because there are lots of
instructions you need to keep in mind - little window, top right.
You are making a footnote, that will appear somewhere in the
document - another little window, top left. There is a reference
to previous work you need to consult - medium size window - middle
left. The work is in a foreign language, so a dictionary has to
be consulted - a scrolling window, middle right. .... You get my drift?
Scenarios can be multiplied to infinity.

What is Tetris?

Gavin Wraith (
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