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2008/10/7 Gavin Wraith <>:
> In message <> you wrote:
>> Gavin Wraith <> wrote:
>> > Why 'split'? You might want to place multiple views anywhere on the screen.
>> > Why be limited to putting them next to each other?
>> You're splitting the view of *one window*. If you really need to have
>> two text windows with something else between them (What? A calculator?
>> Tetris? Why?) then you can open two windows (i.e. instances).
> Well then, let us say you are writing a learned article - big
> window in the middle. You need to keep open the letter from the editor
> of the journal you are submitting it to because there are lots of
> instructions you need to keep in mind - little window, top right.
> You are making a footnote, that will appear somewhere in the
> document - another little window, top left. There is a reference
> to previous work you need to consult - medium size window - middle
> left. The work is in a foreign language, so a dictionary has to
> be consulted - a scrolling window, middle right. .... You get my drift?
> Scenarios can be multiplied to infinity.

What you need is not a new feature in scite, it's a better window
manager. There are many for X, and a few replacement shells for

> What is Tetris?

A video game.