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On Oct 5, 2008, at 9:58 AM, Andre Carregal wrote:
What LuaForge needs:

- Hosting with a reasonable bandwidth (we are currently getting around
20K visits/day and 2K downloads/day)
- Hardware or virtual machines for two servers (one for the main site,
the other for FTP and user sites)
- Debian+GForge support (our current bottleneck in manpower)

Any suggestions or offers on these would be really welcome.

Our current plan of action involves upgrading the main server this
week so at least the bumps should get better. But this will work for a
while, LuaForge is growing steadly, which is great! :o)
One potential option would be to put Luaforge on ... they are very affordable and have great uptime.

If one wants to make things even more affordable, one could put a hybrid service using for the complicated page- code and use Amazon S3 for storage of releases. One would gain the affordable backend code of and get a dumb/fast data server from S3.

Not completely sure on how well GForge would be supported (I'm sure the guys would be helpful here). Debian, eh... no support there as they use a BSD-based server farm.