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On 05/10/2008 13:54, Gavin Wraith wrote:
But the Windows version has a fundamental drawback (I do not know
if versions on other platforms suffer the same): you can only view
one file at a time. I say "view", not "open".

Indeed, Scintilla allows multiple views on the same document (some editors uses this feature) but Neil never felt the need to implement this on SciTE (he prefers having several instances) and nobody else provided that either.
Sometime I wish to have it, but I workaround this with multiple instances and bookmarks...

Another gripe is the hypertrophied toolbar which takes up valuable screen
real estate.

What toolbar? I haven't seen it in years... :-P


On 05/10/2008 18:27, Tim Channon wrote:
> Think it needs to be an MDI application.

You are kidding, right? MDI is totally out of fashion nowadays! :-D
Even Microsoft dropped it. And I never liked it anyway.
MS' choice is to multiply the instances in the task bar, which is a bad choice IMO.
SciTE's choice is to use a tabbed interface (or multiple instances if we want, too), which is the right thing, but we could have used a split window too, with views either on the same document (other place) or on another document.

Ah, this is really OT, I fear.

Philippe Lhoste
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