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On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 2:35 AM, Patrick Donnelly
<> wrote:
>> If the site needs new hosting, maybe another lottery could solve the
>> problem? Or some other fundraising means?
> Anyone know what kind of bandwidth LuaForge requires?

It's not a hosting/bandwidth problem but an overload of requests on
the main server by ill behaved bots. We have being cutting them at
robots.txt and IP filters to no avail.

We already have a plan to upgrade the hardware and move to virtual
server model but yes, fund raising would make all the difference.
LuaForge started 4 years ago as a small project and clearly has
reached far more users than the hardware and allocated team can take.

Note that even after upgrading the hardware we would still face the
problem of GForge maintainance. GForge is quite useful but is a huge
piece of software and requires a lot of attention on upgrades. If we
could get help on this support or financing our current tech guy
things would surely get easier for everyone.

What LuaForge needs:

- Hosting with a reasonable bandwidth (we are currently getting around
20K visits/day and 2K downloads/day)
- Hardware or virtual machines for two servers (one for the main site,
the other for FTP and user sites)
- Debian+GForge support (our current bottleneck in manpower)

Any suggestions or offers on these would be really welcome.

Our current plan of action involves upgrading the main server this
week so at least the bumps should get better. But this will work for a
while, LuaForge is growing steadly, which is great! :o)