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"Mark Meijer" <> wrote:
> 2008/9/12 Javier Guerra <>:
> > if the new TCC can overcome that 'single environment, from now to the
> > end' [1] problem, it would warrant some redesign or our bindings.
> It's been a long while indeed between the current version of TCC and
> the previous one. I have no clue as to what's up with it, what's
> happening in the TCC community, or whether TCC should be considered
> "active" now or not. I'm not a regular user of it and I'm not at all
> involved with it. All I know from the changelog on their site is that
> there have been many fixes of long known bugs (including those that
> were previously fixed in a fork due to lack of updates).
> However, I have not encountered anything in the changelog that hints
> at Javier's "single environment" issue being improved at all. So there
> might be no cause for a major update of the bindings to lua, though I
> can't really say.

TCC 0.9.24 doesn't solve the single environment "feature". It is
possible to have more than one TCC instance, but not in parallel.

> Hopefully it's possible to simply replace the old
> TCC version with the new one and recompile with the bindings as-is,
> without any further fuss. I don't think there have been any
> significant changes in what passes for the TCC API ;)

For me it was a simple drop-in replacement: compiled and worked almost
w/o any changes. (One thing I noted is that compiling TCC as LIBTCC
requires a DllMain() function but that was the only real change I had to

> 2008/9/12 KHMan <>:
> > [...] IMHO, tcc is for people who
> > don't mind hitting a corner case and have the program blow up.
> Whether the new version of TCC is enough to alleviate these concerns,
> I honestly don't know.

TCC has always been pretty stable for me. The main problems are the
diabolical diagnostics and the lack of documentation. But with some
experience, it is really not too bad.

> In any case I think there is a lot to be said for being able to
> compile bits of "inline C" from Lua scripts, and execute them
> in-process.

Yep. Being able to compile C code on the fly (including calling
arbitrary DLL functions) is really an amazing feature.

cheers  thomasl