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On Friday 12 September 2008, Mark Meijer wrote:
> - LuaTCC: - Allows for C (and assembly)
> snippets to be embedded in Lua apps, compiled and executed on the fly.
> Seems extremely useful and powerful to have. If I'm not mistaken, it
> will also be included in the upcoming Lua Programming Gems book. Can
> also be used as an alternative to Alien (or to custom built bindings)
> for calling external DLL's. I think this binding uses TCC 0.9.23
> though, while the latest version TCC 0.9.24 includes some important
> fixes (see ).

didn't know about a new TCC.  in fact, the reason i left lua-tcc was because 
TCC seemed abandoned.  and it's (was?) not possible to handle two TCC 
environments, making most interesting 'C scripting' uses unfeasible

i'll try to get some free time this weekend [or the next :-(  ]  to update it.


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